Monday, December 5, 2011

Spiritual Healing

I awaken to a phone call at 7am.  Picking up my phone I hear the fabulous "Everyday I'm Shuffling" ring tone and smile for a second.  I answer "Hello?" I sound just barely alive.  A raspy woman's voice replies "Yeah, I had a missed call from this phone number."   I stop and collect my thoughts for a few seconds before replying.  I would know that voice anywhere.  Firm and demanding, with just a hint of a grin thrown in.  Raspy as hell from years of smoking and chasing and yelling at shoplifters.  "No you didn't, because I never get up this damn early.  Phyllis is that you?" I replied.  "Oh, yeah.... sorry.  Hey James how are you and that little clan doing?"  "We are awesome!  How are you and yours?  Still raising that grand baby for your daughter?"  I asked.

Then I sat straight up in the bed, stiff as a board.  I felt a chill like I have never before.  Stricken with fear I looked over on the night stand for my phone.  It was not there.  There it sat on my pillow, right next to where my head was.  It was 7:04 am.  You see, my friend died over a month ago.  I have had this dream at least 5 times that I can remember.  I wonder if I am eating myself alive with guilt for not visiting, or if she is trying to tell me something from beyond the grave.  I see good spirits... and I see bad spirits...... So many times, I have talked to dead people.  I wonder if they are trying to talk to me, too.


  1. I´m so sorry for your loss my friend. Unexplained things happen all the time, there is another world surrounding us that most people can´t see...hope you can get tuned to understand the message they are trying to give you.

  2. To live in hearts we leave behind
    Is not to die.
    ~Thomas Campbell, "Hallowed Ground"

    What an amazing story. Thank you for sharing. I have no answers to your questions..It may be that there are no answers... Just count yourself lucky to be able to hear from your dear friend in such a simple way. :)