Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Music is Life

Man, I love music!  I don't want to imagine life without music.  It does not have to be just music made by man.  Listen to natures music as well.  Wind, water, earth, fire, spirit is how I believe the Wicca say it.  I am not talking of specific spirituality, just noises.  After all, what is music?  Individual noises arranged in some way as to appeal to your hearing and taste.  Like the wind blowing by, the ocean roaring as the waves come in to shore, birds chirping in the trees, the earth pounding when boulders roll down mountains, or fire crackling and popping as it consumes a piece of wood.  It can be very emotional and become quite spiritual as well.

There is a noise for every feeling, every action, every emotion.  There is also a song for every feeling, every emotion and every situation.  Some even say a noise might lead you to insanity....... and murder. Like the agonizing drip of a leaky faucet.  The mesmerising tick of a clock, or the beating of a heart as it gets louder and louder.  Some might even say.... "My mind's playing tricks on me."

The Geto (Ghetto) Boys - My mind playin' tricks on me

There is a song for every moment in time.... every "Moment 4 Life."  We have all felt like kings or queens at some point in our lives.

Nicki Minaj - Moment 4 life

When your car breaks down and you are late for work.  Then your boss starts his "Power Trip" yelling at you and gives you a warning that he will fire you next time...... there is a song for that.
Chimaira - Power trip

When you know you have pushed the issue "Way too far" and there may be no turning back from here.  The damage is done, and the suffering begins.  Even though you were wrong.... you just wouldn't back down.

Korn - Way too far

The days and weeks after that really bad breakup with your loved one.  The one you thought you would never be apart from, spend the rest of your lives together.  When you were so happy and so fucking sad all at the same time.  Who hasn't spent countless hours staring at "Pictures of you."

The Cure - Pictures of you

When you realized you were being lied to.  Not by just one person, but by most of the society you were raised to respect.  The government, media, teachers, doctors, and yes.... even family.  Like everything and everybody is just filling you with poison.  Sometimes you feel like you just gotta "Spit it out."
Brotha Lynch Hung - Spit it out
At a party one night, that kid got shot over the color of a bandanna.  He was not family, but in a way he was.  You hung out everyday, reppin' your shit.  When everybody started set trippin' and the blood started dripping, you learned what scared really was.  "Cuz tha boyz in da hood are always hard."  You finally realized you were a white boi, from the suburbs.  Gang life was not for you.

Eazy E - Boyz in da hood

If you ever get fighting mad about a cause.  Standing up for some wrong, or some right.  You need something to solidify the cause into one voice, to scream a war cry like the great "Comanche."

In this Moment - Comanche

Sometimes you just need to cut loose and get your groove on.  A hard day at work, or long week even.  There are just those times you need to get your "party rock anthem" on..... even if it is just you and a bottle of alcohol, dancing in front of a mirror.

LMFAO - Party rock anthem
When your loved one died.... there was a song for that.  For the first time realizing all those years of singing "I will survive" were just in vain.  It was, after all, just a song.  I miss you mom.  :-(

Gloria Gaynor - I will survive
Sometimes you just want to cry and remember being a kid, not having to worry about what our parents had to worry about.  Their kids... now our kids and this screwed up world we live in. We are only human, and thus we will destroy everything we have ever loved or cared about in the end.  God, sometimes, what I would give to just be "forever young."  No responsibilities, no one depending on my actions to survive.
Alphaville - Forever young
There was that one time while you were 13 and care free.  Getting high and running circles around your friends swimming pool, when you spontaneously decided to jump in (glad there were no cell phones back then).  When you came up for air you immediately felt a slam and sting to your forehead.  It was so shocking you just sank back down to the bottom of the pool before coming to your senses.  Climbing out of the pool you heard her screams of "OH, I am so sorry.  I never thought I would actually hit you with that peach."  And then "......And threw her arms around my neck. "Show me how you do it, And I promise you, I promise that, I'll run away with you. I'll run away with you" Spinning on that dizzy edge, I kissed her face and kissed her head......"  A true life friendship was born.
The Cure - Just Like Heaven
Then there was that message you received, the one that almost knocked you to the ground.  Your stomach dropped, flipped, and lodged itself in your throat.  Then some mighty demon reached in and ripped your heart right out of your chest, held it up to your face and made you watch it stop beating.  The Angel of Death just became real.  He was only 17, a child, a young man at most, who you had known for several years.  He ended his pain before he even had a chance to live.  "I have lost the will to  live.  Simply nothing more to give.  There is nothing more for me.  Need the end to set me free."  If only you could have known how bad it really was. 

Metallica - Fade to black
Then there was that moment of pure spiritual awakening.  The day you realized that you had a universal love for all of mankind.  No matter the sex, race, age or religion.  The only thing that mattered was how they treated you.  Respect given will equal respect returned.  As weird as it sounds, I love you all, and hate is not a word I choose to use.  One heart, one soul, one life, one people, one dream, one love....

Bob Marley - One Love
Just for the fuck of it, one of my all time favorites..... "ARE YOU READDDDDDYYYYYY!!!!"  I am pretty sure we have all felt this at some point. 
Korn - Blind

I could go on for days, but the Fade to Black section took too much out of me.  I hope these links stay active for years or this is going to seem like a really bad blog post.  A toast: "To those who got lost along the way, our paths will cross again."

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