Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Stolen Thoughts

I am borrowing a line from http://www.alcoholicpoet.com/2013/01/salt-yellow-scream.html because it is stuck in my head. It seems to be telling me something, but the meaning fades on into forever.  "The tide clutches the sand." It seems like such an innocent statement. I can just hear a child asking a parent "Why can't the tide hold on to the sand better?  It keeps climbing up the beach, and falling back down into the ocean."

A tale of woe,
from bittered lips.
Cracked and broken,
from Death's poisoness kiss.

Still grasping at nothing,
in the air of despair.
Blindly feeling for something,
that will never again... be there.

Holding on to hopelessness,
like the tide clutching the sand.
Falling endlessly through the void,
Pleading desperately for somewhere to land.

There seem to be no answers,
to the questions posed.
Always the sharpest thorns,
always the bloodiest, red.... red rose.

Her smell is sweet,
her smile..... sincere.
She sneaks up in the darkness,
and whispers "you have nothing left to fear."

Take my hand,
feed my love.
Walk with me,
be my love.

She leads us onward,
out of darkness, into light.
To the fate we wrought,
ending this short fight.

This temporary hell,
we created.
The entire reason,
we all live sedated.
These stolen thoughts,
deliver us from our hatred.

I am not sure I can embrace this level of darkness.

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