Wednesday, January 11, 2012


What?  You actually beLIEved it was made from just tomatoes?

I am going to write a blog today and post it!  That is my new short term goal.  Nothing else matters until it is complete.  It is not that I have not been writing, I have.  I just never can come to an acceptable "The End" in my mind.  Therefore, I have 20 unfinished blog posts saved.  Gurrrrrrr......

Gurrrrrr is right.  I am somewhat sad, a little bit worried, and a whole hell of a lot curious.  Two bloggers that I have been following for some time now, just up and quit.  No warning, no explanation.... just *pOoF* and they are gone.  I never thought blogging would become a hobby, let alone an obsession at times.  In fact, I used to just plain think blogging was stupid and the people that did it were losers with no lives.  I have since changed my entire perspective on the subject.

It is wonderful to be able to share common experiences, feelings, art, music, etc with other people.  It is even more enjoyable for me to learn new things.  I have to admit I have learned a lot about myself, other people and cultures on this here site.  Words, they are just words.  They are, but they are not "just words."  Words can be the most powerful thing in the world.  They can make you so happy you feel like you grew wings and are flying with the angels.  They can make you so sad that you want to slit your wrists, and hope everyone forgets you ever existed.  Yeah..... "just words."  Whatever you do just remember this, use your words wisely.  Words cut to the bone like a razor, yet can mend wounds like a mothers loving embrace.

To those that left, your words will be missed.  To those new ones that join, we have been waiting to hear from you.  To everybody, thanks for sharing your lives with me.  I want to give all of you a gold star for your effort!  just a little jamboi.............

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