Monday, October 31, 2016

A Long Night

A nice hot shower was exactly what he had needed. It had been a very long day and he just wanted to lie down for a while.  Just rest his eyes for a few minuites.  The towel hit the floor and he laid down.  The bed was so comfortable it felt like floating on clouds. The whole day just seemed to flash before his eyes. Slowly fading away as his eyes began to close. He rolled onto his side and started falling asleep.

He felt something very soft and warm touching his back.  Then a warm breath very close to his ear.  The breathing grew hotter and closer on his neck and he felt her body press firmly against his.  Then the hand on his shoulder and it ran lightly down his arm.  He was barely awake now.  "Is this a dream?" he thought.  It felt so real to him. She even smelled good.  Very familiar like he knew her.  Every part of his body was aching with anticipation of the next movement.  He felt her breasts pushing against his back.  So soft and warm. Yet Her nipples grew hard as her fingers lightly danced back up his arm and onto this shoulder.  She slid her other arm under his pillow and under his head.  Pulling him closer to her.  Her arms wrapped around him and he felt the chills shoot down his spine.  Every hair stood up as she pressed her lips onto his neck and began it kiss him.

It was soft and subtle at first.  Gently, lightly, slowly kissing up to his ear, flicking it with her tongue.  Then she pressed hard and she ran it down to his shoulder.  His nipples were so hard.  She brushed her fingers over them.  She began to suck on his neck as she ran his nipples between her fingers.  Her grip was getting tighter as she sucked harder.  Then she squeezed them so hard it hurt for a second.  She didn't let go.  She pulled him into her so close. She was so warm, almost hot.  It felt like his skin was on fire. He never imagined her being so strong.  He felt almost helpless.  He couldn't move even if he wanted to.  A bit of panic shot through him and he wanted to get up, to run away, but he also wanted more.  He needed more.  He had to know how far she would go.

His neck started to hurt from her mouth.  It was brusing he was sure.  He squirmed a little to get her to loosen up.  Tried to open his arms.  Pushing back against her.  She only squeezed tighter.  Her tongue started licking his shoulder.  Then his neck.  Pushing hard against the bruise she had made.  His nipples stayed so hard.  He pushed against her again, harder this time.  He felt her nails dig into his chest.  He pushed again starting to make space between them.  She dug her nails in an jerked him back so forcefully.   He slammed against her naked body.  She didn't give at all.  Solid.

"Uhhhh" When he hit her she made a soft noise.  He thought he knocked the wind out of her.  He felt her grip begin to relax.  He almost couldn't move from her fingernails.  I must be bleeding, he thought.  They felt like they were inside his skin.  It burned and tingled.  Her hands released their grip on his chest and started lightly rubbing down his chest, his stomach.  He got so hard in anticipation.  He wanted to feel her hands rubbing him.  Holding him as he throbbed.  Then she stopped.  He felt her nails again.  Running up his stomach.  Slowly, getting harder.  Hurting as they dug in.  His skin burned as they moved.

She pinched his nipples between her fingers.  Then ran her nails across them.  Her leg draped over his and locked in.  Her hands pulled on his chest.  She was forceful now.  Like she wanted him inside her.  Her nails sunk deep and he tried to jump up, but he didn't move more than a inch.  She had him and she was not letting go.  Then she spoke for the first time.  She had a deep accent.  Very deep and coarse. Even her voice was strong. The closest she could think of was a Russian spy he once saw on the telivision. "I have been watching you for a long time. I watch you work and I watch you sleep. I have waited patiently.  Do you remember waking up with my scent on your pillow and my cum on your lips?  Do you remember me?" He struggled to breathe.  Swallow he thought.  Her nails hurt so much he was paralyzed, but still he wanted more. "Yes," he breathed.  "Do you want me?" She asked.  "Yes,"he whispered.

"I will make you mine" she said.  He felt her lips press down on his neck.  Then her hand slid down and wrapped around his throbbing dick.  Her other hand dug her fingernails deeper into his chest. Her teeth began to tighten onto his skin. He was sure he could feel her inside him. Draning him.  She stroked his shaft as she continued to bite down.  There was something warm and wet running down his neck and onto his chest.  He had never felt so much pleasure before.  He started tingling, then his skin flushed.  He thought he was going to faint.  He was afraid, but he completely trusted her.  She had come for him and he would cum for her......