Tuesday, November 15, 2011

He Said ..... She Said. Tha REMIX!

An old blog I deleted, reconstituted and resurrected.

She (a woman that cheats on her husband frequently) told her (a woman that lied to her boyfriend and the new man she was currently seeing and cheating on her boyfriend with) that there is a woman (who has been divorced and currently in a relationship with a married man) her husband (a man that was sleeping with 4 different women when they met) is friends with, that is a whore ( a woman/man that sleeps with multiple people).  He (the man that cheated on the woman he is now married to with his ex fiance) told his wife (the woman that was with her boyfriend while she was cheating on him with her new, soon to be boyfriend, and that boyfriends current girlfriend) that they (he and the girl) were just friends.  He (the guy that realized what a bunch of fucking hypocrites people really are) said she (his wife) could tell her friends(cheating ass friends) to mind their own business and fuck off.  He (the happily married man) smiled, hugged his wife, popped his collar and dusted off the haters.  She (his wife) did not say anything because she considered them (the evil ones) to be her friends.
Later they (the miserable women) decided to try it again (screwing around with someones relationship).  They (the  people that seem to hate seeing a married couple happy) told her (the happily married wife) that her marriage would be better if she (the still happily married wife) cheated on her husband.  She (the bewildered woman) was shocked and amazed.  She (the woman with believed in her marriage vows) said no, that is not something she (the woman who felt no need to cheat) ever wanted to do.  they (the conspirators) told he that he (her loving husband) was out doing it anyway, so she (the overwhelmed wife) should too.  She (the woman who trusted her husband) realized these (demons) women were NOT her friends and she distanced herself from them.  A short while later she (the evil one) brought up again, that she thought he (the loving husband of the happily married woman) was cheating on her.  At that point she (the faithful wife) decided she was done with this woman and needed to find a new job, far far away from the evil ones.   The evil ones then started a frantic campaign to smear the faithful wife.  Posting repeatably on Facebook and the My Hattiesburg forums the evil one claimed she was a victim.  She (the misguided, miserable one who started the whole thing) is not a victim.  She instead has lost a very good friend, and created an enemy.


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  2. These are my favorite blogs. Lol
    Some people are clueless about genuine happiness.. (insert clever link to my blog here) Happiness

    Thanks Jam. Keep 'em coming! Chin up, my friend.

  3. Oh good jesus this post made me laugh, cheating is for losers, I know some girls that act that way also, they are unable to feel true love, not even for themselves. Pretty sad.