Friday, November 11, 2011

Ooh Rah! Veterans Day

It is Veterans Day today.  The official day to honor veterans in America.  What a wonderful display of affection we have for these men and women.  While we (civilians) do not always agree with what the military is asked to do, the vast majority of us still support them 100%.  I would like to thank all veterans, and all service men and women for defending our country, freedom, and beliefs.  Stay strong, stay safe and stay proud, because we are very proud of YOU.

Yes, I did "Ooh Rah!"  It is only normal that I be slightly partial to The United States Marine Corps, being raised by a 30 year Marine.  He often tells me the I am part Marine because I was raised under the banner.  I called him first thing this morning to thank him and tell him I have always been proud!  I would like to share something he told me once, just a little tidbit. He does not talk a lot about his years of enlistment, so hen he does I listen well.

During the Vietnam War he was a Captain I believe.  He said one of the nicest things he could do for his men was to get them different kinds of food.  Specifically, he said canned peaches were one of their all time favorites.  He talks about sending them a can a piece any time he could.  Sometimes if they were on patrol they even had to spray paint the cans before they could take them to them, because they were shiny and reflected light, possibly putting the men in danger.  Then after they were eaten they could dig a hole and bury the cans.  Just a little reminder that it is the small things in life that are really important, like a can of peaches that boosted the moral of many a soldier in a foreign country (and were good for their health too). 

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