Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Butterfly

Sometimes my mind will wander.  It can be far or near.  I might be looking straight into your eyes, but thinking about a waterfall in some foreign landscape.  I read things or hear them aloud and only retain bits and pieces of it.  I guess at times I just can't concentrate on the details, "just the facts ma'am."  It can be like looking at a puzzle missing some of the pieces.  Thing is they are not actually missing, I dismissed them for being unimportant to the overall point.  We fill everything with such bloated dribble.  I really enjoy when my mind decided to wander away.  It's a different perspective to a mind so jaded with information.

I am not trying to insult any one's intelligence, not one bit.  Let me give you an example.  My wife read me a 2 paragraph story last night.  This is what my mind focused on and this is my butterfly.

1939                                  Egg
Man and Woman               Larva

Married 72 Years              Caterpillar
Car Crash                         Chrysalis
Died Holding Hands          Butterfly

It is like a picture in my mind.  I could see it happening, a thing of beauty.  We are always growing, transforming, recreating ourselves in the hope that one day we can spread our wings to fly away and be truly happy.  Sometimes that happiness is fleeting and we must start the cycle all over again.  Some just give up and choose to live in misery.

What is a butterfly to me?  It symbolizes freedom, happiness and beauty.  It flutters by without a care in the world, just riding on the wind.  Many are so bright and colorful that even predators are afraid to touch them.  The float from flower to flower enjoying their sweet nectar, all the while they are pollinating and creating new life.  They take just what they need and then they move on, just like my mind searching for the good things, important things to take with me on my journey.  Oh look...... there goes a butterfly ..........

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  1. I see what you did there.

    Love the butterflies. They mean a lot to me, too.