Thursday, October 6, 2011

I'm a HaCk!.!.

I am a hack, a liar, a thief, a charlatan, a fake, a quack, a imitator, a duplicator and more.  I am the KING of deception in my own little world.  Everything I have ever said has been ripped straight from another's lips.  I borrow thoughts, images, words and ideas from everyone and everything in my environment.  The world is an open book, for me to click, copy and paste.

I am told I live the ultimate freedom.  I am an individual who works to create a "whole."  I can make all my own choices.  I often wonder if there really is any freedom.  All of our actions have been guided by what we are taught by our parents, social institutions, and peers.  When we rebel from what we are taught is "right" and stray off the path they provide, we become "problem" children.  Only to be sedidated, medicated, hospitalized or imprisoned.

Nothing is new.  It has all been done before.  I would love to take credit, but I really can't.  I am just another product.  Created, built, bundled, packaged, boxed, and shipped for the mass market.  We know it as society.  We each have a role to play; jock, socialist, slut, nerd, freak, punk, princess, skater, fag, communist, dork, fool, clown, porn star, etc.  We all have been labeled.  Just pass me under the bar code scanner and see who I really am.  Hopefully, once and a while it will come back with "Item not found."  "Price check on Jamboi."

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