Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Just when you think you have figured it all out.

I have done great battles, fought great wars with my more liberal friends.  We have talked, argued and gave up.  Gone home bleeding and tattered, only to come back and fight again.  There seems to be no agreement between us.  I say we need to sit down and discuss the issues and come to a common ground.  They say we need to kill people and start over.  What The Fuck?

So I talked to a man the other day from Georgia.  He was a black truck driver, about 10 years older than me.  So why was this important to me?  He gave me hope and to me, hope is all you need.  Hope and change they said, we got some changes, but not good ones, and no hope.  These are parts of our conversation.  He will be plain print.  Keep in mind we are unloading boxes this whole time.

Good Afternoon. 
Hey, how is it going?
It is going very well, I have a large order for a James.
That is me, let me get my cart and we'll unload it.
We?  Probably gonna need some help.
Sorry, ain't got none.  It is just me in the warehouse these days.  Economy and all, they let my partners go.
Oh man, sorry to hear it.  We have had to cut back a lot too.  Especially since gas is always going up.
Yeah, I bet.  And these douche bags on TV and in the government keep saying the economy is getting better.  LOL.
I know, they don't seem to have a clue what it is like in the real world.  Hopefully in the 2012 elections we can pay them back.  I voted for Obama once, won't happen again.  Obama or McCain, yeah it was a very hard choice.  The economy just keeps getting worse and unemployment keeps going up.  Nothing the Democrats have done has slowed it down.  Before I forget, would you like to buy a candy bar for my daughters band, only $1.00?  They are using the money to buy some new uniforms.
Humm, let me think about it, a dollar is a dollar, you know?  I heard today they are planning on taxing the rich more to try and get the deficit under control.  Never going to work if they don't cut spending. 
I know, right?  The rich really don't give a damn what is going on because they are RICH.  Tax them 10% more, what do they care?  The poor and the lower class don't give a damn because they don't pay any taxes anyway.  So who gets screwed?  Me and you is who!  The middle and upper middle working class, we pay all the bills and we suffer the most when the economy tanks.
I'll buy that candy bar now.  I'd buy 2, but I really only have $1.00 until next Friday.  Ya know, it really is a shame.  We are the very people they talk about helping all the damn time, and all they ever do is hurt us.  I keep hearing that my generation will be the first to live worse that the previous.  Supposedly we will live shorter lifespans, make less money, etc.  Who's fault is it?  It is ours I think.  We let these over educated lawyer assholes destroy America.  I want my kids to do better.  I also want all these career politicians gone, retired, out to pasture.
Preach on my man, what kind of candy do you want?  Thanks for donating you last dollar.  I had better get to my next stop so I can get back early today.  I really enjoyed talking to you.
Hey, no problem.  It never hurts to help.  Have a safe journey back.

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