Saturday, September 3, 2011

Not so much

This week has been very rough, extremely trying on the soul.  The times have indeed changed.  Our parents must be so proud of our achievements.  I am living in a world that knows no loyalty, no respect, no compassion, no nurturing, and no love.  I watch the worst in man take hold, reverting back to the animals we came from.  It is a dark future I see.  Darkest before the dawn.

We, all of our kind, have become so greedy and self absorbed.  We all lie to our friends and family, to ourselves.  "Not me, I have given so much to others.  I am not like them.  I am better."  No, no you are not.  To look at the human race as a whole, the average of all that is, is a very depressing sight.  We have put our personal possessions above any others.  Constantly wanting more, and more.  Things we have no need for, no use. Just "things" to collect and use for our latest show and tell to our peers.

The animal has instincts.  It takes whatever it needs to survive, no more, no less.  We have mutated and mutilated that animal into believing it has to have certain things to survive, that it has absolutely no need for at all.  We work day in and out, every day I'm hustlin', to get more.  Some work legally, some illegally, they are both one and the same.

Instead of throwing you partner under the bus at work, maybe you can hold him up, teach him something new.  Go home early for once to see your spouse and kids.  Come in late because you wanted to walk in the field and smell the flowers.  Have you even met your neighbors?  Hold out your hand and perhaps a butterfly will land on it, even for just a second.  Take the time to enjoy your life.  Think about it, just what is the reason you are working so hard?  Is that very reason you work so hard actually the very thing you see the least?

This is about work, but it started at home.  It started when we the people decided we had to have more, more and more.  Then our local office decided it wanted more, and then the whole company, and then the entire job market, and the unions, and finally the government.  We all want more, but at what cost? 

I have been told the economy, the "recession" is the worst since the Great Depression.  I know it is.  Why?  It is my firm belief it is all our fault.  We the people have put aside all our morals, ethics, spirituality and rationality in order to get what we want and when we want it.  Unfortunately, it takes an event so catastrophic to wake us from our greed.  We are close to that event, and no, we are not ready for it.

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