Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sometimes, you have to wonder if it's worth it.

I am working in my warehouse when I hear "Hell Yeah!"  I pause and look for the offending offender.  I see him, coming out of my office door.  "What the hell are you yelling about?" I reply.  He says "They are going to raise taxes on the rich, up to 1.5 million dollars in income taxes.  That will lower the deficit." 

I hear Shao Khan in my mind "IT HAS BEGUN!"  This is so klassic it is predictable.  The Flaming Libtard against the Nazi Conservative Republican.   It has become a war of worlds, about 2 Democrats against 6 Republicans in our office.  My theory is that Republicans think using education, rationale and facts, which we put together to form an opinion.  Liberals use pure emotion to throw all the facts aside, hence the term bleeding heart liberal.

Now, back to our Mortal Kombat. I hear tax the rich and I think "Oh shit."  My best comeback is "We can't tax our way out of this recession or the deficit."  "It will sure help" he replies.  Meh.... (I pause for effect, it is like I am thinking of something brilliant to say.) I say, "No, the best way to fight the deficit is to cut government spending and revamp the entire tax code."  "Well if the republicans would allow us to bring the defense budget up for cuts we could balance the budget." *BAM*  His retorts are starting to sting.  "I will say that we should do away with the War on Terror and pull out of Afganistan, Lybia and Iraq, but we should never cut out home defense budget.  What will we do if we get attacked and we have no troops to fight?"  "What?  No country would ever attack America directly," he says.  "Well, what would stop them if we don't have a military to protect us?"  I say.

I suggest, "Why don't we stop sending billions of dollars to all these countries for Foreign Aid."  "We have to help those less fortunate than us" he says.  Stabbed in his bleedeing heart!  "What about all the people in America we don't help?"  I reply.  I will pull out that knife and stab again and again.  "There are women, men and children starving and homeless right now.  IN OUR OWN TOWN!" I yelled.  "Well if it wasn't for you war mongering republicans we would have plenty of money to feed our people."  "You people love making billions off of bodybags."  He tells me.  I have no more to say today.  To suggest that I want to see anyone dead cuts to the soul.  My ultimate goal, to see none suffering, is lost on him. 

I just leave, walk away.  I know this will go on 'til the end of time.  We will never agree on government, or budgets.

It hits me like a brick as I drive away.  I think I am bleeding............  internally.........  at least.  Why do I try so hard?  WHY!!!  I work my ass off to be taxed to death and watch people all around me do nothing.  Somehow, doing nothing gets you an all expense paid vacation curtosy of our very own governemnt.  Somehow, working you ass off to support your family also means you will be supporting several other families this year too.  I see you sitting on your front porch everyday.  Smoking cigarettes and drinking beer while I go to work to buy you food.  I see you there, every day ...... and I wonder if it is worth it.

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