Monday, October 31, 2011

A very dark night

This is the end of a short story I wrote.  It is not in order, it isn't meant to be.  It was inspired by a friends "Halloween creativity" story on Facebook.  I will finish the beginning someday.  I have to thank Larry and Amanda for filling my mind with such horror.
A very dark night: The conclusion

Pitch blackness is all I can see. There was a full moon out earlier, how could it just disappear like this? Searching the entire area I see nothing, is something is wrong with my eyes? Could I be blind, temporary or permanently? The night is completely silent, except for a very loud thumping and a dull ringing noise. It is not really a noise, more like a vibration, pounding inside my body. It’s never this quiet in the bayou. Not even a frog or a cricket chirping.

Last thing I remember is that I was running away, but from what and where was I going? Breathing erratically, in a total panic and running as fast as I can. The only sounds are mine now. “OH SHIT” I yell as I feel my legs going out from under me. Weightless for what seems like an eternity as I trip and fall. Unable to see where I was going and unable to see where I am falling. *THUMP* It stings and burns when I slam into the ground, the pain is all over my body. A warm metallic taste fills my mouth, and I spit again and again. “Is this how it ends?” I ask myself, face down in the rocks and dirt.

Wiping the sweat and dirt out of my eyes I try to look up and focus. The ringing I thought I was hearing starts to subside. That is why I can’t hear, the ringing is inside my ears. Possibly a bodily reaction from something loud, very loud and bright. It could have been an explosion of some type. I wish I could remember what happened tonight. GOD, the pain in my legs is excruciating, and my nose. I know I hit the ground hard, at a full run and so did my face, bit my tongue too. FUCK IT HURTS! Got to get up and figure out where I am and what is happening. Screams, I remember the screams. Horrifying, screams of terror and pain. I don't know who was screaming?

I start to stand, then fall again. My ankle will not support me, so I kneel on one knee. I remember kneeling like this at soccer practice, waiting for my next set of instructions. This seems different though, it is not a game and there are no instructions. I wish my coach was here.  It started as a game, a joke, a hustle. Now it is all too real, people got hurt, maybe died. I need to find a phone, or a car. It is all coming back to me in flashes, too much too fast. Got to get the police, they will know what to do. I think my eyes are getting used to the dark, except it is not dark, not dark at all. There is a silverlight shining off the bayou. It is eerily beautiful. The moon is full and the palest yellow. Trees and plants jut up out of the steamy water like arrows.

My hearing is back, now I can hear the mosquitoes buzzing around my head. I hate those little bastards. The frogs and crickets are silent like they are afraid of something. Is it me or something much worse? LOOK! In the water over there, something is moving. Maybe it’s an alligator or a nutria rat; the swamps are full of them. No that looks more familiar, like a hand. There is a fucking hand sticking up out of the water, there is another and another. Panic starts to set in again, here comes the thumping again. It is thumping so hard it feels as if I will explode.  I stand up, unconscious of the pain now and limp slowly around the tree, trying not to trip over the roots again. Dammit, not again I think as I start to fall. Maybe when I look up they won’t be there. I was just imagining it all. I must have bumped my head in that first fall. Everything I am seeing is just an illusion, or delusion.

Face first into the dirt and rocks. Damn that hurts. I tried to catch myself but my wrists gave out. I think I broke one this time. Wiping my eyes and blinking uncontrollably I start to look up. OH MY GOD, the sight consumes me. My body is unresponsive and still, my lungs gasping for air and unable to make a sound. He is kneeling directly in front of me dressed as a ninja in all black, but missing his mask. Completely still as if he is frozen in time, unable to act. I can’t even tell if he is breathing. The only motions I can see are the tears running down his face, mixing with drops of blood.  Tiny rivers of blood flowing down his cheeks and neck.  In his outstretched hands he holds a sword covered in blood. It looks like he is trying to give the sword to someone like a gift, but there is no one there. He is locked in some form of shock, as am I. I have to get control of myself so I can help him and find out what has happened here.

I limp over and grab the sword. It takes all I have left in me to pick it up and throw it a few feet away. As I release the sword I start to fall again, right onto him. He barely flinches feeling like a rock underneath me, but his cell phone falls out on the ground. I pick it up and dial 911, “Hello, what is your emergency?” I will apologize to his wife later, if we make it through this alive. I hug him closely, trying to break this trance he is in and whispering into his ear. Jam I never told you, but I have loved you from day one, please come back to me. I need you now or we may both die out here. Do you want me to die? You have never let me down before and I am here for you now, what happened? Jam? Jam, can you hear me? Please Jam, I am so scared. I need you….. I need you ….. I need you…. I need you…… to come back to me.

I know its working because he is getting softer under me. No longer feeling like a rock and starting to shake a little. Jam, what happened? I ask again. He is starting to stutter something, but it is very faint. I…… I ….. I ….. I killed her Alice. I cut off Janet’s head because I thought she was one of them. One of those monsters that ate them, all of them. They are all dead. I studied this, trained for this my whole fucking life. In the end I killed one of my best friends. Her blood is on my hands, my soul is gone. I need you to live Alice, my wife will need your help. My kids love you and Patricia trusts you with her life. Tell my wife and kids I love love them. I need you to tell our story.  Tell them never to come back here, NEVER!

He stood up, dropping me to the ground. It is almost daylight he said, you will be safe until then. Remember what happened tonight Alice. No Jam, NO! You can’t leave me here alone I am so scared, it is the last plea I had, pitiful at best. He walked over and picked up his sword and put it back in the scabbard on his back. I will see you again Alice, and I will send you back to Hell demons. With that last curse he ran and dove into the bayou waters. The hands grabbing at him, tearing clothes and flesh from his body. He stood one last time, drew his sword, looked me in the eyes and smiled. His eyes glowing blood red he yelled, RUN!. I turned and ran as fast as I could, haven a broken ankle slowing me down considerably.  The police would be at the main gate and that was my destination. I ran, and I ran, and I ran…………………………………..  I never looked back ..... JAM ....Jam .....jam..... i love you ......

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